segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

None of our business

          Life is a choice. Many people have got wrong ways to follow it and this choice begin at school, when the classmates skip school almost every day to go to the beach, for example. Later, they can become shoplifter because they don’t have instruction enough to achieve a good job. Other people follow the drugs’ way. I can’t understand why they choose this kind of life if they know it isn’t good of them. There are many different ways to be happy… Maybe they think studying is boring and sometimes it can be. What they don’t understand it’s necessary if they wanted a better life’s style. In my opinion, knowledge is the thing most important that a person can have. Unfortunately, the number of people who enter in this horrible world has grown up. What can we do about it? Perhaps if we organize a big mobilization with the society and to visit orphanages. The school can give lectures about drugs and the importance of knowledge and other things that you can imagine. Nevertheless, we have to be willing to do that or let of them go ahead with their lives. 

Writer: Victor Maluko

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