segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

About myself...

Hum… How can I start a text about me and the new things that I learned? Well, I think I’m an excellent son and good student. I have unconventional traits and fertile imagination that you’ll see into this writing. I’ve never been a mischievous child. By the way, I always like to study, so I stayed at home most of the time. I consider me a curious person because I always seek to find new things to do and to learn. Oh, before I forget, when I said I think I’m good student, this sentence also can be used to life. Thanks God, I learn with the mistakes of other people. Sometimes, I achieve to put up with boring people who say bad things about my close friends, yet, generally, I don’t. I have to make up for them. Ok, I know I should leave them stand up to themselves… Let’s get on with the text? I want to tell you about more other things. Do you believe I’m not a trendy person? Yeah, I can’t be it and follow bandwagon because I support the idea that it’s not good to individual personalities. Why? Oh come on! When you follow someone or something, you leave some traits or abilities hidden into yourself. Well, I believe in it. I am not well-known person as people use imagine. I’m just much-loved one. Like everybody, I have negative sides. As I usually don’t give a damn what the people think about me and I often can’t be serious, I exaggerate in some things, doing what I want to do, forgetting to behave like the place asks. What can I do? Anyone is perfect and they’re some of my defects. Can I add something? Thanks! I intend to improve my English. Even I finish my course, I want to go on, doing extra classes because I know I need improve my conversation. I intend to do an exchange, but at this moment I can’t because it’s very expensive. Sometimes, I guess I know a few, but into myself has a voice which says me: “You know! The only problem you have you don’t practice, but you know. You have to rummage your mind and find the words and the structures. Cheer up! You can!” After that, I’m like Obama: Yes, I can!

Writer: Victor Maluko 

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